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The Rantt Platform

The Rantt Community Platform is a social network for private communities available on iOS and Android. Our platform combines the familiar feel of a social network, with the real-time experience of a messaging app. Rantt Communities are easy to set-up, efficient to manage, and tailor made for creators who are ready to utilize the power of community to fuel their passions.

Design the perfect community.

Enhance your community's experience with topic-based channels, called Rooms, where members can dive into the topics that matter to them.

Have real-time conversations.

Build a more personal relationship with your audience by providing an opportunity for immediate feedback and engagement.

Make money from subscriptions.

Invite your audience into your community with a custom landing page integrated with Stripe payments processor. Creating a community is completely free. After activating subscriptions, we take 10% in addition to credit card transaction fees.

Everything you need to get up and running.

Rantt provides you with all the tools you need to start building your community and accepting income.


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